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Hollyn Gayle_Resume.jpg

"Hollyn Gayle ... has a voice that sounds like everything she sings comes ‘natur-lay’ ... Annie Get Your Gun is ... led by a woman who could undoubtedly do anything you can do, just better!"

Annie Get Your Gun - Rolla Daily News

"Hollyn Gayle plays a delightful Beverly, fighting to declare her independence and impending adulthood on the one hand while chafing at the teasing she gets for the attention she receives from a local boy on the other."

Church Basement Ladies - Ladue News

"Hollyn Gayle ... as Ariel Moore ... gives the layers her character deserves, portraying all at once a high school girl who is wild and uninhibited while at the same time solemn and thoughtful. Her acting talents are matched by her powerful voice, which she expertly wields in just the right way."

Footloose - Rolla Daily News 
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